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With optimum oral hygiene, optimum oral health is possible. It is important to make sure you’re taking the time to care for your smile on a daily basis. This includes brushing twice every day. In addition, you should floss every day to reach areas that brushing alone cannot hope to clean. With a combination of the two methods, you can make sure your mouth is well protected against the dangers of tooth decay and dental erosion. However, performing these tasks is not always enough, as it is important to make sure you’re using the right tools as well.

There are several tools at your disposal for your interdental cleaning care. If you wish to use an interdental cleaner to clean between teeth without the use of thread, a water flosser can prove to be highly effective. Water flossers use a beam of water instead of a thread as dental flossers do. However, if you do decide to use dental floss, make sure that the thread is shred-resistant and is replaced after each session. Never use the same section more than once as cross-contamination can occur.

When brushing your teeth, focus on taking your time and reaching all areas of each tooth. This includes the inner, outer and chewing surfaces of a tooth. Never push too hard or brush too fast as it is not a race. After you’re finished, make sure you store your brush in a safe area that is free of contamination. This includes away from other toothbrushes that could potentially contaminate it. Furthermore, never share your brush with anyone else and never let anyone else use your toothbrush.

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