We Can Graft a Stronger Jawbone for Your Dental Implant

Restorative dental procedures such as placing dental implants often require preliminary steps such as bone grafting to ensure successful dental restoration. If you are planning to undergo dental implant placement, our will check the area of your jawbone that is receiving implants to detect any weakness or loss of density in the bone structure that… Read more »

The Teeth-Whitening Capability of ZOOM

Have you ever considered receiving ZOOM teeth whitening? This whitening method is highly effective at restoring the teeth to their former glory by bleaching away the deep tooth stains and discolorations that can plague your smile. This is done without affecting the tooth enamel or risking the inner tooth structure. To develop a better comprehension… Read more »

Revamp Your Oral Health Care With Brushing and Flossing

With optimum oral hygiene, optimum oral health is possible. It is important to make sure you’re taking the time to care for your smile on a daily basis. This includes brushing twice every day. In addition, you should floss every day to reach areas that brushing alone cannot hope to clean. With a combination of… Read more »

Diabetes and Your Oral Health

Are you aware of the effect that diabetes can have on your smile? If you are suffering from diabetes, it can lead to a downturn in several areas of your health. This includes your oral health, as any changes in blood sugar can drastically affect issues associated with your teeth and gums. Because nearly 10… Read more »

The Things to Expect During Dental Bridge Treatment

Are you about to restore your oral health and smile by replacing a missing tooth with a dental bridge? If so, good for you! Our dentist, Dr. , is excited to give you the top-notch oral health and smile you deserve. To help you prepare for your appointment so you can eliminate some dental nerves,… Read more »

When Will My Dentist Decide if Root Canal Treatment Is Necessary?

If you have a severely infected or decayed tooth and root that can’t be fixed with a dental filling, or if you have a severely damaged tooth and root from other causes, your dentist, Dr. , might recommend a root canal treatment. This treatment is very beneficial and it is generally used when you experience… Read more »

Denture Adhesive Can Help Bond a Denture to Your Gum Structure

Dental appliances like a complete or partial denture are initially created to closely match the natural structure of the underlying gums. However, as time goes on the bone structure in your mouth can gradually start to change in response to the missing teeth. Early on these oral atrophy issues might be addressed by applying a… Read more »

Discover Your Smile with Dental Anxiety Treatments

  Oftentimes people would avoid going to the dentist to be treated to due to the fears and stress is associated dental anxiety.  Dental anxiety occurs when you are overcome with fears of visiting your dentist or dentist office. Fortunately, it can be treated. Our dental team is highly qualified at ensuring dental anxiety will… Read more »

The Effect of Hormones on a Woman’s Smile

The oral cavity is vulnerable to hormonal shifts, which can take its toll on women. There are various phases in a woman’s life where hormones ebb and flow. Estrogen and progesterone affect the gums as the more they are produced, the more blood flow goes to the gums. This makes the gums more sensitive to… Read more »

Treating a Tooth With a Bad Dental Filling

Dentists typically use dental fillings to effectively treat minor defects in a tooth’s enamel layer. This could be attributed to a small area of tooth decay, a minor dental fracture, or a small area of dental attrition. Most dental fillings are made from either metallic amalgam, composite resin, dental grade porcelain, or a gold alloy…. Read more »