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Dental appliances like a complete or partial denture are initially created to closely match the natural structure of the underlying gums. However, as time goes on the bone structure in your mouth can gradually start to change in response to the missing teeth.

Early on these oral atrophy issues might be addressed by applying a small amount of denture adhesive. This can help hold the denture in place while also reducing the chances of food particles working their way in to cause gum irritation.

You will need to give the denture a thorough cleaning each night. This involves a vigorous rinse under running water and light brushing with nonabrasive toothpaste. Once it is clean you should soak your dentures in water before storing it someplace safe.

If you have existing natural teeth in your mouth, you should then proceed with your daily oral hygiene routine of brushing and flossing. If you have been struggling with chronic bad breath, you might want to also brush your tongue or clean it with a tongue scraper.

If you are in the Hempstead, New York area and you have concerns about how to clean and maintain your complete or partial denture you can always call 516-485-1145 to speak to Dr. Bertha Bravo or a member of staff at Bertha D. Bravo, Dentist PC’s dental offices.