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Crooked teeth and malocclusions are more than just unsightly: they can cause periodontal disease, tooth decay, and jaw problems. Our team at Bertha D. Bravo, Dentist PC understands that many people would rather swim with piranhas than get braces. To help you feel more at ease about your orthodontic appointments, we offer the following tips.

– Talk to your orthodontist about your concerns. Dr. Bertha Bravo will gladly work with you to address your concerns and make your appointments more comfortable. Don’t be afraid to speak up if something is weighing on your mind.

– Research in advance. Knowing what to expect at your orthodontic appointments will help you prepare mentally and emotionally. Feel free to call Bertha D. Bravo, Dentist PC at 516-485-1145 with any questions you may have.

– Take good care of your braces. Abusing your braces with bad dental hygiene and hard, sticky food will only result in discomfort for your mouth and more trips to the orthodontist. The kinder you are to your braces, the better you will feel while wearing them.

Bertha D. Bravo, Dentist PC offers orthodontics to all ages, and we understand the worries that come with each stage of life. If you’re concerned about getting braces in Hempstead, New York, we encourage you to contact us at 516-485-1145.