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When dental implants first came into regular use in the dental industry, they were primarily used to restore a single tooth that was extracted or lost due to advanced tooth decay. As dental implant technology, has continued to evolve and grow in popularity, they can be used in multiple tooth restoration applications.

If you’ve lost multiple teeth in one area of your mouth, Bertha D. Bravo, Dentist PC can use dental implants to effective restore them with a bridge.

The first step in the process begins with Bertha D. Bravo, Dentist PC examining the area and assessing your jaw structure by taking some X-rays. It’s somewhat common for teeth that were extracted or compromised by chronic periodontal disease to result in a loss of bone structure in your jaw. If this is the case, Bertha D. Bravo, Dentist PC might recommend that you receive a bone graft to restore enough structure to mount an implant.

The implant procedure is often performed outpatient basis and usually requires deep sedation. So you will need to arrange to have a friend or family member drive you.

During the procedure your Bertha D. Bravo, Dentist PC oral surgeon will make two small incisions in your gums to gain direct access to the bone in your jaw. Two narrow channels are drilled into the bone and titanium abutments are secured in place. An impression is made of the area, which is sent to a dental lab that makes your permanent bridge. Temporary crowns are placed over each abutment to protect them.

Once the titanium abutments are securely fused to your jaw bone, Bertha D. Bravo, Dentist PC will call you in for a follow up appointment to begin the process of forming and mounting your new bridge.

If you have lost multiple teeth in one part of your mouth and you would like to explore your options for restoring them with dental implants, please call Bertha D. Bravo, Dentist PC at 516-485-1145 to schedule an appointment.